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The story of WILDFLOWER DOT ART began with a passion to tell the story of a rugged and beautiful environment.  Marbie, moved by the cultural richness of the land and it's breathtaking beauty, decided to lay his passion on canvas where traditional art meets contemporary fine art.

The launch of a digital space where art enthusiasts could find and buy fine art prints of his favorite pieces was a must. Our Online Art Store carries a varied selection, produced to the highest standard and offered at the most competitive prices. Check out our collection today.

Marbie has a number of original artwork pieces available on the fine art market today. For further information and enquiries regarding personal commission projects, please contact us.

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Making Online Fine Art Prints Shopping a Pleasure

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At WILDFLOWER DOT ART, we know finding that perfect piece of artwork isn’t always easy and is often overshadowed by the long-term commitment and significant price tag.

For our Australian customers only we would invite you to contact our friends at KORSOS PHOTOGRAPHY to discuss your best options for framing your artwork print.  Find out more about this service by contacting Mike at .

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As these timeless pieces of art by Marbie tells a story of culture and vast wonder of the land.  Morning Glory shows its colorful and delightful beginnings of a new day.

Imagine not only this fine art print in your special space but also the matching Rock Art prints for Morning Glory as a centre piece for conversation and reflection. 

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WILDFLOWER DOT ART has grown to become a popular destination for devoted art lovers and collectors. Shipping & Delivery options for both National and International are available and we are committed to customer satisfaction. Take advantage of this service today.

"What we see in art is something others might see from a different perspective" 

Trevor Allan Edwards

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