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Marbie will say that his art, inspired by his heritage, comes from within his heart.  From the Wamba Wamba/Wemba Wemba nation, the general area northeast of Moulamein toward Canargo, to west of Swan Hill and south to near Quambatook, his community has a strong kinship and family ties across the region.  This increased through the displacement and centralisation to Missions, particularly at Moonahcullah,

Marbie’s individual style, described by many as high quality Fine Art, portrays significant stories of his journey.  Painting has become an important connection and therapy for Marbie, allowing him to immerse himself in his life stories and ultimately being satisfied that he has described this history and DNA which continues to be very personal.  All the Indigenous Australian fine art prints that you will find on this website are all the work of Marbie.

Desert Spring Process 1.jpg
Marbie Hand 1.jpg
Adrian artwork 1.jpg


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